3 following too closely calls on Friday

On Friday, February 2, 2018, I received 3 calls from prospective clients all charged with following too closely.

Each one of these individuals explained their accident in roughly the same way.

Each prospective client was traveling during rush hour or busy metro Atlanta streets, were there was almost no room between cars for errors.
When the car in front comes to an abrupt stop the vehicle in the rear will more than likely collide with a vehicle in front.

This happens so many times a day in metro Atlanta that it is almost routine.

Atlanta is a dangerous city to drive in, and our insurance rates reflect that fact.

So, what is the person to do?

Most traffic experts will advise the following:
(1) plan your trips when traffic is the lightest. Get up early and leave for work while traffic is light. If you must, spend an hour in a coffee shop near your office before your office opens. On your commute home consider having a snack or even dinner before you get on the road to your home.

(2) take an alternative route even though it may be further to reach your destination. People tend to use the shortest route, and therefore the short route will be the busiest.

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