Alpharetta criminal defense attorney Scott Miller says," call a defense attorney as soon as you have an issue."
Too many people put off dealing with unpleasant things until the last minute.
Yesterday, Sunday, September 23, I received a phone call from a potential client asking for help with her court case the very next day, Monday morning at 8:00 AM. I was scheduled to be in court in another jurisdiction at exactly 8:00 AM. the same day.   Unfortunately I was unable to take her case.

She explained the charge to me, and it seemed defensible. Had she called me several weeks ago, I would have had the time to meet with the prosecutor before her arraignment and work on a reduction or a dismissal of charges.

It's never too soon to contact your defense attorney.

The above information is brought to you by the Alpharetta, Georgia criminal defense attorney Scott Miller. Attorney Miller specializes in DUI, speeding traffic tickets, and other criminal matters. You may contact attorney Miller at 770-408-1001 for a free consultation.
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