Can you help me with a speeding ticket in Alpharetta, GA?  I don't want additional points on my drivers record.
Accumulating points on your drivers record can become expensive. Insurance companies can after seeing that you have added points, raise the cost of your insurance.
If you accumulate too many points on your drivers record, you risk having your drivers license suspended.
The number of points that may be added to your drivers record depends on the type of violation you are charged with.
If you accumulate 15 points are more with in a two year period of time, your drivers license will be suspended.
It is unwise to plead guilty to a moving traffic violation. I recommend that all moving traffic violations be defended by an experience traffic ticket defense attorney.
If you have pending traffic ticket charges, contact the experienced traffic ticket defense attorney Scott Miller in Alpharetta Georgia for a free consultation. 770-408-1001

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