I was caught with an expired tag while driving in Alpharetta, GA. What should I do?
The tag had only been out of date for three days. I intended to renew it next week.  I receive calls about this frequently.

Law-enforcement officers are trained to look for vehicles with expired registration. If you drive a vehicle without current registration you are more likely to be stopped. This gives the law-enforcement officer the opportunity to interview you and he can look for signs of intoxication. As the officer approaches your car, he is trained to look inside the vehicle for weapons or contraband material. When the officer engages you in conversation, it gives him the opportunity to look for signs of intoxication and impaired driving.
This could easily turn into an ugly and expensive situation for you, because you missed the deadline for auto tag registration renewal.
Don't miss your registration expiration date. It is best to renew your registration one month in advance. Taking care of this early prevents the possibility of being stopped and charged for expired registration.

If you have questions about expired registration or you have charges against you because of what occurred during the vehicle stop, contact traffic defense attorney Scott Miller in Alpharetta, GA. for a free consultation. 770-408-1001
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