Charged with hit-and-run in Alpharetta?
Today I received a call from a person charged with a hit and run.
Frequently, a driver hits another car in a parking lot and there is very little or no damage to either vehicle.
If the driver of the vehicle can't find the owner of the other vehicle, they sometimes simply drive away. 

The law requires that the driver, make a concerted effort to locate the owner of the vehicle that has been hit.
If the owner of the other vehicle cannot be located, the driver of the other car is required to leave his or her identifying information and contact number, in a place that is prominent. 

Often, this second part is ignored.

If you simply drive away and you are later found, you can be charged with the criminal misdemeanor of hit and run, and you may will be arrested.

Don't let this happen to you.  Make every effort to find the owner of a vehicle that you have collided with. If you cannot speak with the owner personally, be sure to leave your name address and telephone contact information in a prominent place, easily seen by the owner
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