Fraud is becoming so common in America that, Consumers Reports magazine devoted the front page of their November 2015 issue to inform their readers about it. 
This article states that, seniors and their families lose $3 billion a year to criminal con-artists. This issue also provides information about steps that can be taken to prevent fraud, by those criminals who take advantage of seniors.

The article leads with the grandmother, grandfather fraud. This typically happens when a grandparent received a telephone call informing them that their grandson has been involved in a vehicle accident while driving a car when he was intoxicated.  The grandchild has been arrested and charged with DUI. The article goes further to state that sometimes the fraud artists have a young man speak over the phone pretending to be the grandson who has an injured nose and mouth. The injury may explain why he sounds differently today.  The fake grandchild asks the grand parents to send money to get him released from jail.
The criminal con-artist informs the grandparent that money must be wired immediately to prevent their grandchild from going to jail for an extended period.

A simple phone call to the grandson's cell phone or his home phone would expose this as fraud immediately.

It is surprising however, how many grandparents presented with this news about the dire situation of their grandchild, just go ahead and send the money to the con-artiest.

Some lessons to be learned: No official of the judicial system would ever call anyone demanding money, and stating that in unless the demand is met some dire event will happen.

This also holds true for people pretending to be representative of the IRS, calling to demand money, and if that demand is not met, then that person who has been called will be arrested and sent to jail.

The two frauds listed above are constantly happening in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area and also according to the consumers report article present throughout the United States.

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