Distracted driving frequently happens on today's busy roadways . With the advent of electronic devices that communicate with other people, distracted driving has become a significant problem.
Distracted driving occurs when people eat, drink, and talk to passengers, rather than concentrating on driving.
Distracted driving can be either, auditory, manual, or cognitive. Visual distraction is looking at something other than the car in front of you. Auditory distraction is listening to someone in the car or to the radio and not paying attention to the road. Manual distraction occurs when a driver is attempting to adjust or manipulate something other than the steering wheel. Cognitive distraction is a driver thinking about something else rather than driving the automobile.

Multiple highway studies have shown that, drivers are distracted about 25% to 50% of the time, when they are driving.
It has been shown that in auto crashes, approximately 30% of drivers were distracted.

The state of Georgia has, specific rules about distracted driving.

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