Don't be a fool this April by getting a super speeder ticket.

Super speeder tickets are given to Georgia drivers who exceed the posted speed limit by 20 mph.

When charged with a super speeder ticket, not only is the local court involved, but the state of Georgia also becomes involved.

Now you have two issues to deal with.
First, you must appear before the judge in the community where the ticket was issued, and if found guilty of the super speeder ticket, you must deal with the state of Georgia.
Second, if you are found guilty, you will receive a written notice at your place of residence, informing you that you are subject to an additional fine of $200 payable to the state of Georgia.

There are two ways of handling this situation.
The first is, paying the fine at the local jurisdiction, and also paying the $200 fine to the state of Georgia.
Using this method, you are going to have points added to your drivers record.

The second method is, hiring an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney to defend you in the local court.

An experience traffic ticket defense attorney, may be able to get your speed reduced, so that the ticket qualifies as a simple speeding ticket. After getting the speed lowered, your attorney maybe able get your ticket dismissed.

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