Don't be a fool in April, don't hit and run!
Vehicle accidents happen many times a day in metro Atlanta.
Some are serious collisions with injured passengers taken to the hospital, and other collisions can be a small bump or tap in traffic or in a parking lot.

Regardless of how significant or insignificant the damage is in a vehicle collision, either with another vehicle or a fence or post, the legal obligation is the same.
The owner of the vehicle that caused the collision is responsible for the damages caused.

On occasions, when a vehicle bumps another vehicle in a parking lot, and the owner of the other vehicle can't be found, some drivers leave the scene without leaving their identifying information on the vehicle that was damaged.

The Georgia law clearly states that this is a hit and run accident, and it is a criminal misdemeanor, which may be punishable by time in jail.

Don't hit-and-run and act like a fool in April or at any time.
It is the responsibility of the driver who caused the collision to spend a reasonable amount of time, trying to locate the owner of the other vehicle.
If the owner of the other vehicle cannot be found, then it is the responsibility of the driver, to leave his or her identifying information, on the damaged vehicle, in a prominent place where it will be easily found by the owner.

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