There are six major things you should avoid doing if you are pulled over by a law-enforcement officer in metro Atlanta or anywhere else.

(1) Do not reach or search for items inside the passenger compartment of your car unless the law-enforcement officer instructs you to do so.
Looking for things such as your drivers license, or registration, and insurance card before the officer gets to the car may be interpreted by him as an aggressive move. He may think you're reaching for a weapon or trying to hide contraband material. It is best for you to sit calmly in your seat with your hands on the steering wheel and wait for the officer to give you instructions.

(2) Do not get out of the car unless the officer in instructs you do so.  If you open the driver's door or if a passenger opens the passenger door, the officer may think that you are making aggressive moves or trying to run.

(3) Don't speak to the officer before he speaks to you. Speaking to the office first may put him on guard and make him think you're trying to take charge of the situation.

(4) Don't give the officer any information other than what he asked for. Giving long answers to his or her questions may not be beneficial to you. Make your answers short and concise, and do not offer any additional information.

(5) Do not be rude to the officer. You may be upset and angry about being pulled over, but remember that he or she may only give you a warning ticket. Being rude to law enforcement officers may cause them to issue you a traffic citation.

(6) Do not drive in Georgia without knowing your legal driving rights.  If you don't know your Georgia legal rights, then you may consent to having your vehicle searched or to a field sobriety test, when it is not required of you.  Don't leave these questions unanswered. Know your legal right before you get on the road.

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