Don't speed on Georgia 400, you'll get a ticketed

I received a call today from a potential client with a super speeder ticket on Georgia 400. 

After speaking with him by phone, he hired me to defend him against the charge.

In the past, I have been successful when negotiating with prosecutors to reduce the speed of my clients to 14 mph over the limit.  After this is done, I can usually get the prosecutor to dismiss the charge.

Georgia 400 is a very busy highway. The speed limit on that highway is 65 mph. I have not received a call from a prospective client who said, that he or she received a speeding ticket for going 5 to 10 mph over the limit.
This indicates to me, at least, that there may be a buffer zone of 5 to 8 mph, that one conceivably could drive over the limit with less danger of getting a speeding ticket.
The Georgia law is quite clear however, if one drives only 1 or 2 mph over the limit, that person is breaking the law, and can be ticketed.

We here at the Alpharetta law office of Attorney Scott Miller encourage everyone to obey the law and drive with caution at all times. 
When driving, it is wise to plan your route well in advance of your trip, leave early allowing extra time, and always drive with caution.

This informational blog is provided to you by the Alpharetta, Georgia traffic speeding ticket defense attorney Scott Miller.

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