Alpharetta, GA. attorney Scott Miller reviews loss of drivers license, due to failure to pay child support.

The laws of the state of Georgia required that anyone who does not pay his or her child-support in a timely manner, will receive a letter from the Department of driver services informing him or her, that their drivers license will be suspended. This suspension is not immediate, it gives the non compliant party an opportunity to bring the child support up to date, by a set time in the future.

The noncompliant party, can avoid a driver's license suspension, by paying the outstanding balance of the child support prior to the suspension date. The Georgia department of child support services will inform the Georgia Department of driver services that the obligations for reinstatement have been met.  In addition to the past balances for child support additional payment reinstatement fees, will be charged, which are $25 by mail and $35 in person.

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