Fight your super speeder ticket in Georgia

A super speeder violation in Georgia is defined as traveling 75 mph or more on a 2 Lane Rd. or 85 mph or more on any State Road or Highway. 

The super speeder violation requires that, if you are found guilty in a local Georgia court, you must pay an additional fine of $200 to the state of Georgia.

You are typically given 120 days to pay this fine and if you haven’t paid it by then, you may have your license suspended and then must pay a $50 reinstatement fee.

If you are stopped while driving
and your license has been suspended, you will be arrested and taken to jail even though you did not know that your license was suspended.

During the month of April, I appeared in the Alpharetta Municipal court to defend my client who had been arrested for driving with a suspended license.

My client was unaware that his license was suspended and the notice sent to him from the state of Georgia was not forwarded to his new address.

After lengthy consultation with the prosecutor, I was able to get my client’s charge dismissed.

My client is very happy he called the Alpharetta, Georgia traffic ticket defense attorney Scott Miller.

If you have issues with traffic tickets, you may call attorney Scott Miller today at 770-408-1001 for a free consultation.
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