Fighting client's hit and run in Dunnwoody.

If you have been charged with hit-and-run in Dunnwoody, GA it is important that you hire a local traffic ticket defense attorney to work for you. 

Your attorney should be one who specializes in hit and run traffic cases, and has worked in the particular local court for many years. 

This local attorney will be familiar with all of the court proceedings and all of the court personnel.

Many people charged with hit and run are arrested. Immediately after you are released, you should contact an expert hit and run defense attorney.
He will ask you to record all of your interactions you remember about the hit-and-run, even if you were not aware of the hit-and-run. 
You should also record where you were, what the traffic was like, and why you were not aware the collision.

When a person is involved in a collision, the law requires that you stop your vehicle and communicate with the other driver your contact information and insurance information.
If you collide with another car in a parking lot you are required to locate the driver of that particular car. If you cannot find the driver of that particular vehicle, you are required to leave your contact information on the other vehicle in an area that will be easily located but the owner of said vehicle. 

To do otherwise, is a criminal misdemeanor punishable by jail time.

For more information about hit and run violations, you may contact the Alpharetta, Georgia traffic ticket defense attorney Scott Miller for a free consultation.
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