Fighting client's super speeder ticket in Marietta City Court

On a Thursday in Marietta City Court, I appeared with my client to fight his super speeder ticket.

After much negotiation, I was unable to get the prosecutor to reduce my client's speed to 14 over the limit, so I had the case bound over to Cobb County State Court.

By having the case moved to Cobb State Court, my client and I have an additional opportunity to negotiate for a better outcome.

Occasionally, an attorney's negotiation argument with the court falls on deaf ears, so on those occasions, it is an excellent strategy to move the case to a higher court. Moving the case to a higher court, will allow several additional months for discovery and provide a different prosecutor to negotiate with.

This informational blog about negotiating with the court, is provided to you by the Alpharetta, Georgia speeding ticket defense attorney Scott Miller.

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