I am at the Atlanta Municipal Court defending my client against the Charge of following too closely.
Typically, this charge is as a result of a rear end accident in which the driver was unable to stop his car in time, to prevent hitting the car in front of him.

When I think about driving in the city of Atlanta, especially during the rush hours, I can't think of any time when I'm not driving too close. Because of the busy streets we drive on, the cars are packed so closely together that if the car in front suddenly slows or stops, frequently someone runs into the rear of that car in front of them.
 When I slow my car to allow extra room between myself and the car in front of me, someone will pull into that space so that I am right on their bumper. This happens almost every day.

So what are we to do?
They are more rear end accidents and following too closely charges in the Metro Atlanta Area then in other areas of our state. This is a fact of life when living in a big urban area.

The answer to this question is not a good one. There is little or no solution to the headaches of driving in a big metropolitan area.  The best advice is to be patient, drive slowly and cautiously.  Allow more than the usual sufficient time to arrive at your destination safely, and on time.

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