What is a hit and run in GA? GA 40-6-270

There are two types of hit and runs in Georgia.
The first is a misdemeanor charge, if no one suffered serious injury or death.

The other is a felony charge if someone other than yourself is injured or killed.

Both are criminal charges and could affect you adversely for years to come.

Georgia code 40-6–270, Defines the drivers duty to stop at or return to the scene of an accident.

It is the duty of the driver who caused a hit and run to stop their vehicle and give his or her name and address and registration number the vehicle she is operating to the other driver.

The driver is required to remain on the scene of the accident until fulfilling this requirement.

If a driver doesn’t stop his or her vehicle at the scene of an accident, he or she will have committed a misdemeanor or a felony if convicted of leaving the scene of an accident.
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