Getting client’s passing school bus charge dismissed in Roswell.

I appeared with my client in Roswell Municipal Court to fight her passing school bus charge.
She was on her way to work and did not see the stopped school bus.

After negotiation with the prosecutor, I was able to get her charge dismissed.
The Department of Georgia Drivers Services will not be made aware of this issue. 

Every day, local law enforcement officers in and around school zones protect our children.

They  vigorously look for offenders passing school buses that are loading or unloading passengers.

A stopped school bus is a safety zone for children getting on or off of the bus.

If you pass the bus, you are driving through a child’s safety zone, and you will get a ticket.

Law Enforcement Officials vigorously enforce the law in and around school zones and school buses.

Don’t endanger our children!
Obey the law and stop immediately when you see the red lights flashing!

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