Got a failure to stop in GA? Let's examine it closely.
I stop for all stop signs, doesn't everyone?
Well that's a good question, let's examine it closer.
The state traffic laws require that in order for a vehicle to be considered stopped, all forward motion must cease, and the wheels must stop rolling. If the vehicles wheels continue to roll even slowly, a violation of failure to stop has occurred. This law is enforced for various safety reasons.
If the wheels on your vehicle do not stop completely, you may be issued a traffic ticket for failure to stop. This allows the issuing law-enforcement officer to observe you and your vehicle for possible other violations. This can lead to other charges in addition to the charge of failure to stop.
Good common sense says that when stopping your vehicle at a stop sign, make sure your wheels stop rolling, and the weight of the vehicle settles back on the ground rather than leaning forward. This will allow you to pause at the stop sign for one or two seconds before resuming your forward progress.
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