We are hearing again about the grandmother/grandfather – grandchild fraud scheme that is reappearing in metropolitan Atlanta.

This typically happens when a grandparent receives a telephone call from someone saying that he is a law-enforcement officer. The grandparent is informed that their grandchild was involved in an accident and arrested for DUI. A short period of time is offered to the grandparents to send a certain sum of money to an official sounding place.
the grandparents are told that If the money does not arrive with in a few hours then the grandchild will be sent away to jail.

Grandparents are usually called because, typically the grandchild does not live with them. Sometimes a young person is brought to the telephone to say grandma, grandpa I'm in trouble and I need your help. This is done quickly so that the grandparents can not identify the voice.
The grandparents are then instructed to wire a certain amount of money to an official sounding location. This must be completed within one or two hours or the consequences will be significant.

If this happens to you, we urge that you, do not send money by wire to some official sounding place. Instead to locate your grandchild to see if he or she is safe.

A legitimate government official will not urge you to send money by wire to some location. Look on the Internet for the contact information of the governmental body and contact them to see if this call is legitimate. In all probability it will not be legitimate. 

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