I got a ticket for failure to stop, but I thought I'd stop my car at the sign.

I receive calls about this frequently.  A potential client believes that he or she had stopped at a stop sign. A law-enforcement officer has issued a failure to stop ticket.  What's going on?

The way that the law is written about stopping for a stop sign is, that your vehicle's wheels must stop rolling completely, and your vehicle must stop all forward progression.

Anything less than this opens a possibility that a law-enforcement officer will pull you over. The officer may or may not give you a ticket.  While the officer engages you in conversation, he will observe you closely for signs of intoxication, and he will look around in your vehicle for any sign of contraband material.

This seemingly minor traffic infraction could lead to your arrest for DUI driving less safe, or the possession of contraband.

Be careful when driving at all times. Always observe all traffic rules because they are there for your safety.

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