I was charged with speeding 85 in a 65 in Alpharetta, GA
I was stopped by the Alpharetta police and given a speeding ticket for doing 87 in a 65 mph zone.
I didn't know that this ticket is a super speeder ticket and would cost an additional $200 charged by the state of Georgia.

I spoke with a friend who used attorney Scott Miller to fight her speeding ticket in Alpharetta.

After speaking with Scott, he told me that he often convinces the court to reduce his client's speed to under the super speeder limit.

Attorney Miller was a man of his word. He went to court in my behalf and got the charge dismissed. I didn't have to miss a day from work to go court.

Thank you Attorney Miller for doing an excellent job for me, by getting my super speeder ticket dismissed.

This information was provided by Samantha who was a client of Attorney Scott Miller.

If you have speeding tickets that you would like to discuss with attorney Scott Miller, you may contact him at 770-408-1001 for a free consultation.
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