I was stopped for expired tag in Alpharetta Georgia.
Driving with an expired tag in Georgia is risky business. Any police officer can stop you and issue a citation for expired tag, registration. Driving a vehicle in Georgia with an expired tag, registration is a misdemeanor which is a criminal charge. You can be arrested.
The stop for expired tag can become even more serious, if the officer notices other issues or violations like open alcohol containers or contraband.  At the least, you will have to pay a fine and your vehicle may be impounded.  If your vehicle is impounded, you will have to clear up the tag and registration question, before you can get your car released from the impound lot. A fee will also be charged at the impound lot to have your vehicle released.

In our busy world today, it is easy to forget to renew your tag registration. It is also easy with technology today to leave in yourself reminders of when to have your tag renewed.
Renew your tag regularly on time, and save yourself money, and aggravation.

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