December: In John’s Creek Court defending client's improper turn.
In December, I appeared in Johns Creek City Court to defend my client who was charged with improper turn, driving in the median, and driving on the wrong side of the roadway. 

Georgia code 40-6-123 covers improper turn. It states that no person shall turn a vehicle into an intersection unless the vehicle is in the proper position upon roadway. 

Georgia code 40-6-126 provides that if a highway has a central lane in which traffic may enter from any direction, no vehicle shall be driven into such central lane except for the purpose of making a left turn.

Georgia code 40 – 6–40 requires vehicles to drive on the right side of the roadway. 

Conviction of any of the above Georgia codes will add three points to their Georgia drivers record.

In this particular case in Johns Creek City Court, I was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all of my client’s charges.  
In return, my client must attend a defensive driving course.

This is another very happy client of the Alpharetta, Georgia traffic ticket defense attorney Scott Miller.

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