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No one likes to get a speeding ticket, especially if you're on the Interstate highway and you're driving well over this posted speed.
Your actions from the moment you see the blue lights, and how you communicate with the officer, may determine if you do get a ticket or you don't get a speeding ticket.
You must remain calm and do not exhibit any quick movements or actions as the officer approaches you and while he speaking with you.
Be polite, do not argue with the officer.  Let him or her know that you were unaware of the speed you were going.
Be extremely polite and you may get off with a warning.
If you are issued a ticket, you should accept it politely and without comment.  You will see this officer again in court, and he will have made notes about your behavior. If he informs the judge that you were belligerent, there is less of a chance that your lawyer can, get this ticket dismissed.

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