Look twice save a life. Motorcycles are everywhere.

With the increased number of cars on the road and the increased number of motorcycles on the road, inevitably collisions will occur between cars and motorcycles.
Unfortunately, and very often, the the motorcycle rider loses his or her life.

Motorcycles offer no protection against impact during a collision.
What may be a simple dent on the fender for a car,  would be at least a broken bone or worst for the motorcycle rider.

Motorcyclist face the greatest danger from a car turning left at an intersection.
The driver of the car looks left and then concentrate looking right for a place to merge with traffic.  Motorcycles are difficult to see, and the driver of the left turning vehicle may not see it at all.

So, look twice to the left before making your turn into traffic. Look to the left and then look right and look left again, before proceeding across the intersection or merging into traffic.

This traffic tip may save the life of a motorcyclist.

This plea to look twice is provided to you by the Alpharetta, Georgia traffic ticket defense attorney Scott Miller.

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