Loss of Georgia drivers license because of no proof of insurance, explained by Alpharetta attorney Scott Miller.


The laws of the state of Georgia provide that any motorist who fails to provide proof of insurance to a law-enforcement officer, will have his drivers license suspended for at least 60 days.  This law applies regardless of whom the owner of the vehicle is.  Often times the driver is not the owner and has simply borrowed the vehicle from a friend or family member. It is a driver's responsibility to have valid proof of insurance.
Because of the way the law is written, no limited drivers permit is available after suspension.

It is possible to have the drivers license reinstated after 60 days, if the driver is able to show proof of insurance, and pay a reinstatement fee.

The reinstatement fee for no proof of insurance, on the first offense are $200 by mail, and $210 in person. The reinstatement fee for no proof of insurance, on the second offense or subsequent offense, are $300 by mail and $310 in person.

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