Loss of driving privileges in the state of Georgia for accumulated points, explained by Alpharetta, Georgia attorney Scott Miller.

The state of Georgia Department of driver services, keeps records of the accumulated points on an individual's driving record. These points are added after convictions for vehicle moving violations.  No points are added to a driver record for a nonmoving violations.

The number of points assessed against a driver record in Georgia, is based on the violation that the driver is convicted of.

A Georgia driver Who is 21 years of age or older, will have his or her's drivers license suspended after the accumulation of 15 or more points, within a two year period.
The drivers license suspension is for an indefinite period of time.  A driver with a suspended license may be eligible for reinstatement upon completion of a State of Georgia approved defensive driving course. The suspended person must present the certificate of completion to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  A reinstatement fee will be charged by the state of $200 by mail and $210 in person.

Limited driving permits are available to persons who have had their license suspended for too many points.

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