Navigating a roundabout by Alpharetta, GA attorney Scott Miller.
Roundabout roadways are common in Europe and a new concept for many drivers in the USA. Roundabouts have been proven to provide greater safety and improve traffic flow.  A well-designed roundabout provides several advantages over a standard intersection with traffic control devices.
When entering a traffic roundabout, the speed of a vehicle must be reduced in order to navigate the circle's small radius. Drivers in the roundabout have the right of way. Drivers entering the roundabout must yield to the drivers already in the roundabout. This forces drivers entering the roundabout to slow the speed of their vehicles.
When the capacity of the roundabout has reached its limit, cars entering the roundabout much wait for a space to develop that is sufficiently large to accommodate their vehicle.
Even when the roundabout has reached its capacity, it will operate more efficiently than a traditional road with traffic signals.

During this initial period, when roundabouts are being introduced across the country, there may be some confusion about how to navigate them.

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