Preventing Georgia vehicle rollovers accidents. 

Being familiar with your vehicle's performance is extremely important, in keeping it going in the proper direction.

Being familiar with the vehicles specific steering characteristics will help keep you from the tendency to over steer the vehicle. This most often happens when an unexpected object appears on the road. Sudden and unexpected steering and over steer can lead to a loss of traction of the rear tires and the vehicle sliding in the wrong direction.

You should be aware of proper maneuvering techniques for your specific vehicle. If you suddenly leave the roadway, you should slow down and gradually and gently maneuver  your vehicle back onto the roadway. This avoids sudden jerks with the steering wheel which can cause the rear wheels to lose traction.
When purchasing your vehicle, consider one which has electronic stability control. The ESC System is designed to keep your vehicle from over steering or under steering, and to keep your vehicle moving in a straight direction.

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