Proof of Georgia residency by Alpharetta attorney Scott Miller

Two of the following documents are needed to establish the proof of Georgia residency. These documents must contain your name and current residence address.
1- Documents of household information including mortgage payment coupons, a lease or a deed, an escrow statement, or property tax bill. Also acceptable are homeowners insurance policies, and premiums bills that list the address of your residence. A valid rental contract or an agreement to pay rent for a home or an apartment.
2- A letter or envelope postmarked mail delivered by US Postal Service.
3- Any document issued by a federal, state, or local government, with either Social     Security documentation, or annual benefits documentation, or Social Security check or government assistance documents.
4- Utility bills for your residence address during the previous two years.
5- A valid Georges drivers license, or ID card with your current address listed.
6- An employer document listing current pay stub's letter of employment or W-2 form
7- School records or transcripts, medical statements.

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