Required documentation for GA drivers license, by Alpharetta attorney Scott Miller.

A number of my clients have been disappointed when applying for a new Georgia drivers license. This is because the requirements to obtain a driver's license in Georgia has changed.
If you are a US citizen, one of the following documents must be presented at the drivers  to obtain a new Georgia drivers license.
1- A US birth certificate
2-A US passport
3-A consular report of birth abroad
4-A certificate of naturalization
5-A certificate of citizenship
6-US military discharge papers
7-A statement from the US Social Security Administration containing the customers name and date of birth

If you are a non-US citizen the following documentation is required to obtain a Georgia drivers license.
1- An unexpired foreign passport with a valid US visa
2-An I–94 with a refugee status stamp
2-An I-766 with temporary protection status
3-An I-551 stamp
4-A Visa waiver stamp

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