Road hazards for motorcyclist, by Alpharetta, GA. Motorcycle Attorney Scott Miller:
While enjoying your trip down the highway on a motorcycle, be ready for road hazards.
A road hazard can and will occur at any time
Road hazards may be debris on the road, rocks, sticks, pieces of rubber tires, so called "gators", because they can jump up and bite you, and also small and large animals crossing the road.

I live in north Georgia, and where I ride, a deer crossing the road is a common sight. 

Road hazards can cause a motorcycle crash, if you don't see the hazard early.

Keep your eyes as far down the road as possible.
If you see an upcoming curve, look as far into the curb as possible.
If you are looking as far down the road as possible, you should have enough warning to avoid road hazards.

If you cannot avoid road hazards like railroad tracks, then you should approach them at a right angle.

This information about motorcycle safety, is provided by the Alpharetta, Georgia motorcycle traffic ticket attorney Scott Miller.
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