Roadside warning signs explained by Alpharetta, GA. attorney Scott Miller

Roadside warning signs have a yellow background and the instructions are presented in black. These are intended to warn you about a condition that is a immediately ahead of you.
This condition, that the sign is warning you about, can be a hazardous situation ahead of you. It may also indicate that there is a change in traffic direction ahead.
The warning signs may indicate the following:
(1) An unseen sharp turn to the right or left.
(2) An unseen curve to the right or left.
(3) A winding road ahead.
(4) It may inform you that you are a approaching a highway intersection.
(5) A narrow bridge ahead, you should reduce your speed.
(6) A dip in the roadway ahead, you should reduce your speed
(7) A bump in the road ahead, you should reduce your speed.
(8) A soft shoulder ahead. Use caution here and do not drive on the shoulder of the road unless it is an emergency.
(9) A traffic signal ahead.  You should reduce your speed.
Others may include an oncoming steep hill, approaching an overpass, yield ahead, stop ahead, pedestrian or deer crossing, no passing zone or slippery road ahead.

Always be alert while driving, and be prepared to take evasive action when you encounter a yellow warning sign.

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