School is in session in Georgia, make this a school year of safety!

Thousands of elementary school children are attending school for the first time now.

Many are walking to and from school and may be in unfamiliar surroundings.

Law enforcement agencies protect our school children by aggressive patrolling in and around school zones.

GA code 4–6–163 makes it illegal to pass a school bus that is loading or unloading passengers.

If you see a school bus that is stopped or slowing with it’s stop signs extended and it’s red lights flashing you must come to a complete stop before passing the school bus. 

Speed limits are reduced during school hours in and around school zones.

For school year safety the following tips are recommended:

A- Allow extra travel time to and from your destination during school hours.
B- Watch for crossing guards and follow their instructions.
C- Be alert to the requirements of GA code 4–6–163:
C,1- Vehicles must stop in both directions for school buses with red lights flashing and stop signs extended.

Be alert, save our children!

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