Because I am a traffic ticket defense attorney, I am frequently asked this question.

Should I fight my traffic ticket in Alpharetta, GA.?
I always give is this answer.

All states record each and every traffic violation that you have been convicted of. This information is shared with other states by computer. In this day and age, there are no unnoted traffic violations.  Each traffic violation conviction brings with it points that are added to your driving record. A conviction can add a few too many points to your record.

Do not allow the court to find you guilty and add additional points to your record, simply because, you did not feel up to fighting the charges.
Most traffic tickets or winnable. I almost always get a dismissal or a reduction of the charges for traffic ticket violations.

If you are facing traffic ticket charges in the metropolitan Atlanta area, contact the traffic ticket defense attorney Scott Miller, in Alpharetta, GA. a free consultation. 770-408-1001

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