Slow down and live!

All the new cars are capable of very high speeds.
In a short period of time, your car can be going over 100 mph.

This high speed and is dangerous behavior. It is dangerous to yourself and too other individuals on the road.

Almost always when one is clocked at 100 miles an hour or over, the driver is placed in handcuffs and arrested for reckless driving.
Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor charge, which can send you to jail for up to, less than one year.

Slowdown, keep your vehicle's speed at or below the posted speed limit. Don't let your emotions or your need for speed get the best of you.

Driving the speed limit can be dangerous enough, don't drive recklessly, you'll end-up in jail or worse,
in a fatal crash.

This informational blog and plea for sensible driving is provided to you by the Alpharetta, Georgia speeding ticket defense attorney Scott Miller.

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