Speeding ticket violations in Georgia, by Alpharetta Attorney Scott Miller.
The state of Georgia has instituted a super speeder fine. A Super speeder is defined as someone driving a vehicle and exceeding the speed of 75 mph on a 2 Lane road, or anyone driving a vehicle 85 miles mph or faster anywhere in Georgia. A state fine of $200 will be assessed in addition to the ordinary speeding fine. Failure to pay The state of Georgia the additional $200 fine, will result in a driver's license suspension and an additional $50 reinstatement fee.
Speed limits in the state of Georgia have been determined to be 30 mph in any city or residential district. Thirty five mph is the speed limit on unpaved county roads. Seventy mph is the speed limit on any rural interstate. Sixty five mph is the speed limit on any urban interstate or on a multilane divided highway. Fifty five mph is the speed limit in all other areas.

It is a violation of the traffic laws to drive to slowly. Driving slowly may impede the traffic flow and cause a dangerous situation.  Certain roads in Georgia have the minimum speeds posted. If you are driving at the minimum speed be sure to occupy the far right lane to allow faster moving vehicles to pass on your left.
Watch for signs of school zones or work zones where speed limits are posted lower than regular speed limit. Police usually patrol these areas vigorously and the speeding fine is higher in a school or work zone.

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