Street racing like reckless driving seems to be preferred by teenage males and other young male drivers. Street racing is reckless driving and when someone is arrested for street racing, they maybe also charged with reckless driving.

Street racing is defined as an occurrence where two or more drivers compete or race on a street or highway.
Street racing can also be charged against a driver when the driver is being passed by another individual, and the driver being passed speeds up so that he prevents the other driver from passing him.
Because by definition street racing is about two vehicles competing with one another, to see who can go the faster, when an accident happens and one or both vehicles wreck, it usually result in severe injury or death to one or more of the participants.

This charge of street racing is almost always made against young male drivers. If they are convicted, the penalty can include, imprisonment, a large financial fine, and loss of all driving privileges.

In the last several years, vehicle manufacturers have been offering for sale, cars with increased horse power and speed.  The urge to experiment and try out this horse power and high speed is very strong and enticing to young male drivers.
Today in Georgia, there places at old airports where drivers of these powerful vehicles can compete with one another, in a safer environment than on the street.

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