Texting while driving in Georgia, don't do it says Alpharetta drivers license defense attorney Scott Miller.

With more and more use of the smart phone today, drivers are constantly being bombarded with information that may or may not be important to them. Certainly it is not important to them while they are driving. I advise all young driver clients to turn their cell phones off while they are driving. Doing this, the driver will be free from distraction. When I was young driver in the 1990's the use of electronic devices didn't exist for drivers. There are today however many things that can cause distracted driving.

Recent surveys have shown that distracted driving, is a factor in proximally 70% of highway crashes.

Distracted driving can be caused by many things: Texting while driving. Talking on the cell phone when driving. Looking at a GPS. Not paying attention to the traffic ahead and looking out of the windows. Reaching for things to look at on the seat or on the floor of your car. 

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