: The, hi grandpa I'm in jail, scam.


The telephone fraud, grandparent scam is on the rise, according to the AARP bulletin January 2017.


This particular AARP bulletin, January – February 2017 cautions older Americans to be vigilant of any call, received from someone claiming to be a grandchild that has been placed in jail. Particularly if they use this phrase, I am so embarrassed and I don't want my parents to learn about it, so please keep this confidential.


The scam typically goes like this, someone claiming to be your grand child calls you and asks for money to get out of jail. A fake attorney may also speak to you and inform you that this problem can go away for a few thousand dollars. Unfortunately, so many seniors have fallen for this scam, and had their money stolen that the news item is almost everywhere in the print and Internet media.


Don't be fooled, ask probing questions about where your grand child lives, what is his address, what is his phone number, etc.


Typically, if you start asking questions the caller will simply hang up.


According to the February 2017 article in the AARP bulletin, the FTC received over 10,000  complaints about fraudulent family and friends imposters.


Grandparents, be alert, always ask for specific information information that only a family member would know about your children  grandchildren, when you are speaking to a stranger.


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