Today, I received a call from a client concerned about fraud.
My client had received an email from someone pretending to be PayPal. It notified him that there was an issue with his PayPal account.
He was asked to follow a number of links to clear up this issue with his PayPal account.
The first thing that he realized was that he didn't have a PayPal account. He wondered if someone had opened an account in his name. He contacted me, and after looking into this email message, it was found to be fraudulent.
The address for the sender was listed as (alert). This indicated that he email did not come from PayPal.
Further investigation exposed that this fraudulent email was trying to get account information and credit card information from my client.

Fraud has become a big business on the telephone and on the Internet.
Don't fall for fraudulent schemes whose only purpose is to steal your money!

This information about fraud is provided to you by the Alpharetta, Georgia criminal defense attorney Scott Miller.

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