There is no place that I need to arrive at so fast, that I should drive in such a way, as to place myself, my family, and the public, in jeopardy of a car crash.
The only places that you need to get to in a big hurry, is the hospital and the trip should be taken in an ambulance, with the red lights flashing.
When driving, plan your route well ahead of time. Leave early, so that you can arrive at your destination on time.
In the event that you will not arrive on time, proceed slowly with caution, and arrive safely.  You can explain your late arrival when you get there safely.
Speeding on the street doesn't get you there any earlier, because you still have to slow down for traffic, and stop at stop lights.  In all likelihood you will arrive at your destination at the same time, and you will have put yourself and the public in jeopardy.

While driving listen to soft music, and don't let your emotions drive the car for you.

If you let your emotions drive your car, you will have speeding ticket issues. 
You should fight each, and every speeding ticket. Do not plead guilty by paying the fine. Always contact an experienced speeding ticket defense attorney.

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