What to do when charged with following to close?
 You should hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney to represent you.
I just received a call from a potential client who hired me to defend him against a following to close accident.

He told me, that he had been following the traffic in front of him when the driver in front, stopped his vehicle suddenly. and a collision occurred.

This particular type of accident happens by the hundreds in metro Atlanta every day. 
The Georgia law requires that you as the driver of a vehicle you must maintain sufficient distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front, to allow for a safe stop.

In metro Atlanta, the traffic is so heavy, there seems there is never be enough room in front of you, to stop safely.  
In addition, if you slow your vehicle enough to allow sufficient room to drive safely, inevitably some other driver will pull into the safe space you created. 

I have been very successful negotiating with prosecutors and before the judge with the above line of reasoning, and I almost always get this particular charge dismissed.

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