Can any vehicle experience a rollover accident?  Yes!

Which vehicles are more likely to be involved in a rollover accident?
All vehicles are subject to rollover type accidents. Studies have shown that light trucks and vans have a higher propensity to experience a rollover accident. The increase in rollovers for this type of vehicle seems to be due to a higher center of gravity in the vehicle. Vehicles with a high center of gravity will roll over more easily than a vehicle with a low center of gravity.  Oversteering, which can cause the rear end of the vehicle to slide outwardly, plays in equally important role in rollover accidents.

If you are the operator of a vehicle with a high center of gravity, you can increased your  safety by driving extra carefully and reducing your speed, especially during periods of bad weather.  It is unwise to transport cargo on the roof of your vehicle. This is because the roof cargo raises the center of gravity of the vehicle, and increases your risk of a rollover accident.  Wearing your seatbelt is paramount.

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