Why should I have an Alpharetta, GA. Speeding ticket lawyer, defend me in the Alpharetta Municipal court?
Speeding tickets are among the most frequent traffic tickets that appear in the Alpharetta Municipal court.
I often hear from prospective clients, "should I just pay the ticket and not fight it."
My response is always the same. Paying the ticket is pleading guilty to the charge, and will add points to your Georgia drivers record. The total number of these points are used by the Georgia drivers license Department, to determine the appropriate penalty for frequent traffic offenders. The points are made available to insurance companies, who can raise or cancel your vehicle liability insurance.

I see no reason for a client to plead guilty and pay the fine for a speeding ticket.

My 12+ years of defending clients against speeding tickets, in the Alpharetta Municipal court, has given me and insightful view, and knowledge, of the workings of this court. In almost every occasion I am able to get the charges dismissed or reduced to something less significant.

If you have been issued a speeding ticket and have a court date in the Alpharetta Municipal Court, contact the Alpharetta speeding ticket defense attorney,
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