Why do I need to wear my seat belt? Explained by Alpharetta attorney Scott Miller.

Georgia seat belt law requires that all occupants in the front seat must wear a seat belt with a shoulder restraint.
It has been shown in many tests and studies that seat belts save lives. In the event of a vehicle crash, drivers and passengers wearing seat belts, survive the
crash, at a significantly higher rate than those without seat belts.
Having a seat belt that tightly secures your body is the most important protection that a driver or a passenger can have.
Wearing a seat belt while the car is moving helps the driver in control of the vehicle.  In the event of vehicle crash, a properly worn seat belt will keep the driver and passengers inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. If drivers or passengers do not wear their seat belts they can easily be ejected from the car. In the event of a crash the seat belt helps keep your head from striking the windshield.

In the state of Georgia, law officers may stop your vehicle and issue a citation for seat belt violation, at any time they observe you not wearing your seatbelt.

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