Your grandson is not in jail in Atlanta for DUI!
Do not send money to anyone who calls you, and claims to be representing your grandson, for a DUI in Atlanta, Georgia..

Do not send money to cover legal services or court fees to the Dominican republic.

There is a nationwide scam going on, which includes the Atlanta Georgia area. This scam is called the grandmother grandfather scam. It was featured on the front page of the Consumers Report Magazine two months ago. Information about this scam is also available on the Internet, and it is easy to find by using Goggle. In the Consumers Report article, grandparents are warned to be wary of any telephone call they receive, asking for money for the benefit of their grandchildren.
The article goes further to explain that, no legitimate officer of the court, or any legitimate attorney, that would call asking for money, that if not paid quickly, something awful would happen to the grandchild.  

These criminals try to frighten grandparents about some awful fate that will befall their grandson, if the grandparents do not quickly send money by wire, to a P.O. Box in the Dominican Republic.

Given enough time to think this through, most people would become suspicious about this phone call.  Especially the part about sending money by wire to the Dominican Republic.

But, when presented with a crisis out of the blue about their grandchildren, many people may send caution to the wind.

Do not fall for the scam!  Do not send money to these criminals!

My suggestion is, first call your grandchildren on his or her cell phone.  I am 99.9% sure that the grandson will be where he is supposed to be,
and not in jail in Atlanta, Georgia, because of a DUI charge.

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Bruce Dawning 01/12/2016 02:49 AM
Thanks for posting this warning. That's right. If you get a call claimed to be your grandchildren, why don't you call their regular number?I can find many people have fallen victim to these "grandma scams". There have been so many reports also filed at sites like about them. People should know about them.
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