July 13, 2016, NBC says, "be aware of the grandparents scam!"
One of tonight's lead stories on the NBC Network TV News, was the widespread grandparents scam.

Grandparents are being called by legitimate sounding people, who are criminals, telling them that their grandson has been arrested for DUI.

This criminal claims to be a court official or an attorney representing their grandson.
The grandparents are told to send a significant amount of money, to a certain location immediately, or something awful is going to happen to their grandson.

Unfortunately many grandparents have sent money to these criminals, without first calling their grandson to see if he is OK.

A legitimate official of a City, County, State, or Federal Court, would never call a person and demand money immediately and threaten that something terrible would befall them or a loved one.

If you receive a call that sounds similar to this, hang up and call your loved one immediately to see if he or she is OK.

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