Getting client’s shoplifting charge dismissed in Alpharetta:
In December, I appeared in Alpharetta Municipal Court with my teenage client who had been charged with shoplifting at Northpoint Mall.

The Georgia code 16-8-14 describes shoplifting as: when a person removes or attempts to remove merchandise from a retail establishment for his or her own use without paying for the same.

If the retail value of the merchandise is less than $300, and this is the first offense, it will be prosecuted as a criminal misdemeanor.

If the value of the retail merchandise is $300 and above, it will be prosecuted as a felony and shall be punishable by imprisonment for not less than 1 year and no more than 10 years.

My teenage client was encouraged by her peers to attempt the shoplifting. 

Prior to this incident her record was clean and she’s had no criminal miss behavior.   

Following considerable negotiation between myself and the prosecutor and the merchant, I got the court to agree to dismiss her charge after she has made restitution, completed community service, written an essay  “the harm of shoplifting”, and attended a anti-shoplifting school. 

My client and her family were ecstatic. She can now continue her life as a high school student on her way to college.

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